Jan 18


The Geographical Journal for March contains a summary of Mr Peary’s explorations in Greenland, under the title of “Journeys in North Greenland.” Dr Sven Hedin commences a narrative of his ” Four Years’ Travel in Central Asia.” Hon. D. W. Carnegie publishes a narrative of his ” Explorations in the Interior of Western Australia.” The Bulletin of the American Geographical Society, No. 1, 1898, offers the following table of contents : ” Relations of Irrigation to Geography,” by H. M. Wilson ; ” From Cairo to Beni Hassan,” the location of some of the most celebrated tombs of ancient Egypt, by D. Cady Eaton, and ” Physical Geography of New York State,” the third installment of a continued story, by Prof. R. S. Tarr. The Journal of the Royal Colonial Institute for March is largely devoted to a paper by Henry Birchenough on “Some Aspects of our Imperial Trade,” and an extended discussion. It is curious to find an Englishman complaining of the greater cheapness of foreign goods, of the want of adaptability of British manufacturers and traders, the superiority of foreign methods of pushing trade, and the lower freights of foreign shipping companies, especially when he instances the American as the chief competitor and as excelling the Briton in these respects. The article is extremely significant and very suggestive. Another suggestive article is by Mr. Everard R. Calthrop on “Light Railways for the Colonies,” in which he rehearses arguments in favor of cheap construction which, while perhaps new to his readers, have controlled the construction of the entire railroad system of this country.